“My partner is not a cheater, thus not all men are cheaters”–Jane Obi

Nollywood actress Jane obi, who is located in Enugu, has disproved the widespread notion that all or at least most men cheat.

She stated, “My spouse does not cheat, so I don’t think that all men cheat,” in an interview with Saturday Beats.

When asked about favoritism in Nollywood, the actress responded, “Favoritism exists in all facets of life. Individuals prefer to work with people they feel at ease around and with whom they can relate.

There is nothing improper about people working with someone they enjoy. Nobody likes to be around someone who gives off unpleasant vibes because making movies necessitates spending a lot of time with the individuals one is working with. Some people refer to it as cliques, but in my opinion it just refers to like someone and wanting to spend more time with them.

Obi responded to the question of how essential beauty is in Nollywood by saying, “Beauty is part of the job. To flourish in the entertainment industry, one must be marketable. Having a decent appearance benefits the company.

When asked about the practice of women sending nude photos of themselves to their partners, Jane Obi responded, “When one is in a long-distance relationship, there are things one cannot help but do. I hold no one accountable for doing that. The most crucial thing is to avoid falling in love with the wrong person.

The young, attractive Nollywood actress previously admitted that she had been under intense pressure to get married.

“The strain is truly there, both from family and society,” she bemoaned. My key is determination and focus. I made a self-promise to marry the right person at the right time and in my own time. I’m not going to give into peer pressure. But, there are occasions when I question whether the proper moment or person will ever come. What assurance do I have that I will choose wisely after waiting? I just leave things in God’s hands to make it right in his own time because there is no formula for life. As of right now, I’m still legally single, without a boyfriend or a date.

When asked if she would like getting married to someone like Ned Nwoko, the ex-husband of Regina Daniels, her coworker, Jane Obi replies,

“Despite the fact that I adore money, I don’t believe I could wed a man her age. I desire a companion for my growing years. In fact, I won’t even agree to be a second wife under any circumstances. Moreover, disrespectful and insecure men are really off-putting. For me, paying attention works.

The talented Jane Obi reflected on some aspects of her encounters with sexual harassment and how she handled them, saying, “Sexual harassment is something that every young, gorgeous girl can’t truly escape, both inside and outside the industry. Just trying to limit my exposure to it. I stay away from anything that might put me in that situation. I simply proceed step by step. I’ve never felt overly pressed for anything. Although you can never be too careful in a world like ours, I will refrain from naming names.

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