My beauty is priceless” James Brown discusses the capabilities of his beauty

Popular In a recent post, Nigerian crossdresser James Brown revealed something intriguing about himself.

James Brown claimed on his Instagram page that his beauty is worth trillions of dollars since it combines beauty and intelligence.

James Brown claims that his beauty is so precious that it can be used to fund the purchase of a home, a car, and even an entire building.

He wrote: My beauty worth TRILLIONS because with my beauty you can buy a house,🏡 car 🚗 & make billions because I possess two elements BEAUTY with BRAIN 🧠 Second swipe 😭😭😭 That’s is not my real face oooo

On a second swipe, James Brown revealed that the face he presented in the initial post was not his real face, suggesting that his statement may have been a form of satire or social commentary on the obsession with beauty.

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