“Is it because I didn’t ask for money on the street?” Ronke Oshodi talks about her skin problem and goes after trolls at the same time

Nollywood actress Ronke Oshodi has responded to the trolls’ criticisms on her skin condition.

Ronke Oshodi addressed her weight loss and skin problems in a video that has been making the rounds on Instagram. Her fans had been making fun of her.

The seasoned actress admitted that she had been through a lot but remained silent since she did not want to stir up any controversy online.

Moreover, Ronke Oshodi lashed out her trolls, declaring that she would not put up with their nonsense because they were ignorant of her struggles.

“I am not a fan of filter. To those making comments about my skin and weight loss, do you pray to experience what happened to me?

“You go on your keypads to type rubbish. Is it because I didn’t come out to beg for donation? With what happened to me, if I didn’t have a good skin before, it would have been terrible…” part statement reads.

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