Fans of Nigerian singer Davido are causing a stir on the internet after staging a protest in Lagos because of his prolonged absence (Video)

Fans of the Grammy-winning Afrobeats musician Davido have stirred up the internet by holding a protest in his honor.

In response to his absence from social media, his supporters went above and above for him by organizing a demonstration in Lagos.

The fact that Davido took a break from the public eye after the tragic passing of his first child, Ifeanyi Adeleke, whom he shared with his future wife Chioma Rowland, is no longer news.

In March, when he would release a new album, Davido had previously stated that he will return to social media. The artist hasn’t appeared on the platform, though, and this has frightened his fans.

Several of his supporters marched through Lagos with signs calling for the artist to get back on social media as a way to express their love for him.

Without a doubt, Davido’s rival misses him because the singer dominates Instagram.

Social media users had a lot to say about the popular video; some criticized them for attempting to get influence and recognition from the musician, while others lamented the loss of OBO.

One Miss Chidel wrote, “People can really mumu. So Davido’s absence from social media is actually this one’s problem eh. People no really get work

One Myxicb wrote, “But for real though, Davido is a vibe for real

One Order Nakah wrote, “Smart move, investor moves!! Davido we know might give them 1M each

One Titi Carie wrote, “They want to collect one million

One Fae signature wrote, “Over feeding no really hard to know

One Jee Ogechukwu wrote, “Omorh! These ones no get wetin dey worry them for this life oo


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