Cubana Chiefpriest flaunts, amid suspicions of having children outside of marriage, with the slogan “White House and Black Vehicles Only” (video)

Cubana Chief Priest, a famous Nigerian bartender, Pascal Chibuike, has remained unconcerned about the baby mother allegations made against him.

Cubana showcased his lovely home and the assortment of vehicles stored in his garage on his Instagram page.

As shown in the video that goes along with the post, his preference for black cars was explicitly highlighted.

Viewers had a good look at four distinct high-end vehicles that were parked in his lot, including Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, and other makes.

He captioned his post: White House & Black Cars Only. Happy New Week, Go Out & Prosper.

There have been no updates on the current problem as of the time when this piece was being written. Cubana has challenged Gistlover to set up a DNA test for his purported child, but the latter has not yet responded.

On rumors that he fathered a child with his Kenyan side chic

Socialite and businesswoman Recently, Cubana Chief Priest stepped out in response to rumors that he had fathered a child with his Kenyan side chic.

Instagram user Gistlover said that Cubana Chief Priest had given birth to a child with his Kenyan-based sidekick.

The blogger reported that a woman had contacted her last year and claimed to be the businessman’s pregnant.

On her first trip to Lagos, the woman claimed to have met Cubana and had an affair with him without realizing he was married.

She claimed that when she contacted the businessman after discovering she was pregnant, he advised her to have the baby aborted. He no longer returns her calls, she said, and he has blocked her everywhere.

The reports were refuted by Cubana Chief Priest in his Instagram account. Davido’s best friend observed that he is wealthy enough to support any children he has out of wedlock.

Cubana dared the blogger to test the baby’s DNA and threatened to double the costs if it turned out to be his.

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