After realizing a profound truth about parenthood, Simi tells herself, “I should stop judging Deja

Simi, a celebrated musician from Nigeria, decided to quit criticizing her kid after having an epiphany.

The mother of one admitted on social media that she had accidentally invaded her mother’s privacy by peeking into the bathroom out of curiosity.

Simi then acknowledged that she had frequently criticized her daughter for engaging in similar conduct because she felt insulted and angered.

The mother of one learned from this experience, though, that there is never a right age to cease intruding their mother’s privacy, especially when they are related.

She said: I just did it to my mom in the bathroom, so there is no age at which you cease disturbing her privacy. I should probably stop criticizing Deja at this point.

You may remember that Simi recently used her social media accounts to tenderly thank her spouse and business partner, Adekunle Gold.

On the occasion of her husband’s birthday, the stunning singer-songwriter released a sweet video of how the memorable day went with her family.

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