Who gave them the idea that they were superior to level 2? Sammie BBNaija criticizes the Level 1 roommates

By: / Aug 6, 2022 / 20 views

Sammie, a housemate on Season 7 of Big Brother Naija’s “Shine ya eyes,” has criticized Level One contestants for their inhumane treatment of Level Two residents.

The show’s viewers are becoming aware of Level 1’s animosity toward Level 2. It is nothing new for Level One housemates to hate their fellow residents and never fail to make fun of them. Since Level One sees themselves as superior, they haven’t been shy about pulling Phyna, Beauty, and other characters into their botched games or making fun of them.

Biggie granted them the authority to suggest five housemates for potential eviction this week, and they wasted no time in choosing them.

The Level One housemates, known as the Islanders, have always centered their conversation on the opposing team, the Trenches.

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Sammie took notice of this and inquired as to who was trying to make them feel superior to their level two housemates.

He said that while their actions were amusing, they were also frustrating.

“Wait, level 2 Shey won their bet? Are they happy to discuss level 2 for the entire week? Who is trying to convince them that level 2 HMS is superior to them? I don’t even know their names, which is both funny and infuriating at the same time.


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