Biography of Luter Emmanuel Ikyobo, Family, acting career, Age, Net-worth and More

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BIOGRAPHY OF LUTER EMMANUEL IKYOBO, FAMILY,  AGE, ACTING CAREER,  NETWORTH AND MORE. This article is about Ikyobo Emmanuel biography,  his acting career, Education and More.  Find interesting things about the Nollywood star.

Picture of Nollywood actor Luter Emmanuel Ikyobo

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1. Luter Emmanuel Ikyobo Biography and acting career. 

2. Early life of Luter,  Family,  date of birth, and  Education. 

2.1 Quick Fact about Luter. 

2.2 Achievements. 

3. Luter Net-worth. 

Ikyobo Biography and acting career. 

Luter Emmanuel Ikyobo is one of the most decorated and fast rising Nollywood star. He comes from Mbakaange Council ward of Vandiekya Local Government Area of Benue State. Born on 23rd September 1987.

He made his debut in the television film title "MAMA G GOES MAD" which was directed by legendary Ugezu J Ugezu. Acting along side lustrous stars like "Mama G" and other numerous Nollywood stars ginger the young man to put more efforts and have his eyes fix on achieving stardom.

Luter dreamed of becoming one of the best actors that Benue State and Nigeria in general would ever produced pushed him to leave his home state Benue in search of greener pastures.

Portraying the qualities of a visionary and goal getter - humble, intelligent, respectful, obedient, determine, focus and outstanding and his amazing acting skills catapulted him to the top; the resultant of this is him being seen working with the best filmmakers within and outside the country - Nigeria.

Since his childhood days the boy showed a remarkable interests in the entertainment industry - he was know as an artist at a tender age. Luter later release some songs, he was doing well in the music world before he switched to the movie environment with the aim of impacting, inspiring and motivating his fans particularly the young ones. This is not to say that, in music one cannot inspire, motivate or encourage people. Many musicians are inspirations to millions but he see acting more of his calling.

In between his acting career, he took part in a reality TV show "HEROES REALITY TV SHOW" where he emerged as the first runner up and runner up and earned up with the title "AMBASSADOR OF CULTURE AND TOURISM BENUE STATE".


Intro Nigerian actor
State Benue
Home Town Vandiekya
Date of Birth 23rd September
Year of Birth 1987
Educational qualification Bachelor of Arts Degree
Course of study Theatre Arts
Institution Benue State University
Year of graduation 2013


Luter studied Theatre Arts for his tertiary  institution. Bagged his Bachelor of Art Degree (B. A Theater Art) at the renowned Benue State University Makurdi.

Some of the movies he has acted includes:

. Eagles wings
. Rampage
. Mama Gee goes mad
. True legend
. Pillars of Africa
. House keeper
. Who the cap fit .

. The island
. Kada River
. Operation Last Dance
. The Holy Communion
. Love and Pain
. Police Alert
. Doctor
. No parking
. Mother of good conceal
. Miss and Mrs


Nollywood star Luter is someone who is sort of a private person.  His networth is yet to be known but unequivocal he is among the 20 top paying Nollywood stars of the Benue root.


You can connect with Luter Ikyobo on his personal social media handles:

Facebook: @King luter ikyobo
IG: @luterikyobo

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