A great filmmaker – Oluwafemi Isaac Akinsipe (Nollywood Jagaban)

By: Akpensuen Festus / April 26th, 2022 / 14 views

Nollywood industry is undoubtedly one of the world best Creative industry – blessed with a lot of an amazing talents.  However, there is a difference from being a storyteller,  filmmaker and a great storyteller/filmmaker. In this article will be looking at qualities portrayed by a Nollywood  filmmaker Oluwafemi Isaac Akinsipe best know as “Nollywood Jagaban”  who many believe to be a great filmmaker. Oluwafemi is a highly educated and multiple award winning filmmaker and a decorated star,  radiating and shining beyond the boundaries of his country Nigeria,  and his continent – Africa.

A great storyteller will know how the story unfolds before they tell it, write it or show it. Be it on the page or on the screen. As filmmaker Oluwafemi knows  it’s a huge advantage to be able to spot trends before they become part of pop culture; therefore he see beyond the curve. 

Making movies is a creative process that requires time, patience, and effort. Patience is probably the most important trait that is expected out of a filmmaker. As a filmmaker he make sure that everything on set goes according to plan. But he acknowledge that  not every time will all plans go perfectly.

During such circumstances, he has to be patient. He cannot afford to become impatient and restless on set – so as to get things done smoothly.

Again,  Isaac mind is always on the set, he do not  to remain silent at any point. If he observe that things are going the wrong way, he speaks out in a in manner that everyone appreciate.  Actually,  he did not  worry about keeping everyone happy, he worry about keeping everyone together.

All fights, misunderstandings, and disagreements may not always end on both the parties being content. But he has to ensure that those involved do not reach a stage where they just cannot work with each other.

Generally,  there’s a lot of talk about independent film– when in reality all films and filmmakers are dependent. As a filmmaker you are dependent on the screenwriter, the camera person, the actors and editors. As great filmmaker or screenwriter Nollywood Jagaban knows how to inspire the entire team from the lead actor to the lowliest runner.

The above are just a little of what distinguished  Oluwafemi Isaac Akinsipe “Nollywood Jagaban”  and unequivocal place him in the league of great filmmakers.  The future ahead promise the star greatness, and for those  upcoming filmmakers they could learn and emulate him.

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