"We need a couple of institutions in Nigeria where Business Film is taught" Says "Nollywood Jagaban" Oluwafemi Isaac Akinsipe in an interview

By: / Mar 4, 2022

Naijamp3tv had an exclusive interview on the theme "Filmmaking"  with a multiple award winning filmmaker,  "Nollywood Jagabans"  hosted by Akpensuen,  Festus Aondonenge.

Welcome to Naijamp3tv interview with Festus, it is an honour to have you on the show today sir!.

Thanks. The pleasure is mine.

1. Who is Oluwafemi Isaac Akinsipe?

Oluwafemi Isaac Akinsipe is a multi-talented and multiple award winning Filmmaker. He's best known as a screenplayer and a Producer. He's also the President and Founder of Magic Makers Cinema and film production company, a full film production company based in Abuja.

2. Where is he from?

He is from the southwestern part of Nigeria, from the sunshine state of Ondo.

3. When did you start your journey as a filmmaker?

Far back as 2012.

4. How has the journey been so far?

Amazing! It's been a ride but I wouldn't have seen myself doing anything else other than filmmaking, so yes...it's been amazing.

5. Who is a filmmaker?

Simply someone who has been trained/educated in the Art of Filmmaking and is expressly dominating his/her own world with his/her piece of Art.

6. What defines a good filmmaker?

A Filmmaker doesn't have a particular definition.

But a Filmmaker is an all round human with knowledge in almost everything. A Filmmaker is a god of Art.

7. How do you compare today's filmmaker and those of yesterday, who is more superior?

There can be no game of superiority in Filmmaking; it only gets better. The old time Filmmakers enjoyed their times, created good contents, made names, fame and money for themselves, however, today's filmmakers have evolved the way filmmaking is by creating multiple source of wealth creation. Ambassadorial deals, endorsement deals, adverts and many other ways there has been evolution.

8. What makes the yesterday filmmakers different?


The storytelling were far more compelling than what we have these days

9. What makes the present filmmakers different from the yesterday's ones?

The level of creativity.

10. How has social media helped filmmakers today?

It cannot be overlooked, everyone has benefitted from social media, especially in the aspect of adverts. Filmmakers now even make money directly from a lot of social media accounts like Facebook and YouTube; indirectly from Instagram.

11. With in the invention of new and superior equipments in filmmaking, how has Nigerian creative industry adopt to this changes?

It is evident in our productions. From clarity to quality and top deliveries. You cannot compare a movie made in 2012 to a movie shot in 2022, the qualities are evident.

12. What is the basic challenges of Filmmakers today?

The basic challenges have always been financing according to a lot of people. But the main challenge is education; people have always seen filmmaking as just a hobby, people hardly see it as a career even though everyone spends good hours of their day behind either their phone screen or TV set.

For me, the main challenge filmmaking is facing here is Education.

13. How will these challenges be solved?

We need a couple of institutions in Nigeria where Business in films are taught. We need the government to show interest in Entertainment/filmmaking as a full time career and invest in its education just like they have done in law.

Imagine if being admitted into a film school like it is with law school...the feferities. We also need to have more government approved institutions that teaches the basics of filmmaking like Cinematography, Producing, Production design etc.

14. With the increasing number of stories that are more of rituals in the industry today, has it effected the mentality of the Nigeria Youths?

Personally, I don't do stories that has to with rituals and I've not had access to any, so I cannot really speak of its impact.

15. From your personal experience, has Nollywood improved or the industry is gradually going down?

Of course, Nollywood has gone way up than it used to, the highest grossing film in Nigeria has crossed the 500million mark which is good omen for us.

Our general quality has also improved, Nollywood have also been able to have a section on the biggest Movie streaming platform in the world; Netflix.

16. Is it about making films to make money or is about the impact of the Movie on the society?

It is about making film to make money to make more films.

Filmmaking is already impactful; you either learn, laugh or gain knowledge, somehow film always impacts.

17. As a filmmaker what comes to your mind when you're out to make a film? Money or it impact?

Like I pointed earlier; I make films to make money to make more films.

If a film is going to make enough money to make more films, it must have been impactful.

18. Give a word for the upcoming filmmakers?

Please get Educated as a Filmmaker. Don't just depend on your talent. Filmmaking is a combination of skills and talent, therefore talent alone is not enough. If you ever find yourself having any special talent connected to filmmaking, please find a way to be educated about.

Most importantly, be consistent, be persistent and be full of Art.

Thanks Sir, for finding time out of your tight schedules to honour this invitation.

Thank you for having me.