Philanthropic Sounds of Saasha Uwua Gbuushi (S.U.G)

By: Akpensuen Festus / March 11th, 2022 / 34 views

The word ‘philanthropist’ is derives from the ancient Greek philanthropia, meaning ‘to love people’.  A philanthropist is a person  who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. Today,  philanthropy is studied in school as a discipline.

In the 21st century,  many people especially politicians, (Nigeria in particular)  parade themselves as philanthropists but in a real sense,  they are not.  They make  donations due to what they stand to gain not because they want to help.

However, philanthropic people are believed to  show selfless concern for the welfare of others and venture to alleviate the struggles of others without seeking anything for their own personal benefit. Truly philanthropic acts are done without expectation of compensation or recognition of one’s efforts. Belonging to this league of noble persons is a respected,  cherish,  and admired scholar Saasha Uwua Gbuushi (S.U.G),  Bursa of the prestigious Gboko Polytechnic Gboko, Benue State.

Generally,  Saasha strives to promote the welfare of others through  donation of money, property or services. Not considering his socioeconomic background.  As someone who want to make positive change in the world  he tends to look far into the future. He want and dare to make a lasting impact on his generations rather than temporarily fixing a problem. In the same vein Shasha realize that in order to make significant societal change, it is important to address underlying structural issues by investing in long-term solutions.

Shasha seek specific causes to support rather than organizations. He first acknowledge and  identify something he would like to see happen in the society particularly in people’s lives  and then he go out to look  for ways he can best make his  vision a reality. He recognize that specific approaches may be made to tackle one aspect of the People’s problem best and then look for other ways to fixed the remaining issues. He maintain a holistic view of the different issues affecting different people  and use many tools to catalyze these changes.

Again,  Saasha  have great awareness of his surroundings – challenges.  He is not only open to opposing views and new ideas, but he  also wisely seek to understand the motivations and obstacles of others in order to better understand their needs and how they can best be satisfied. To the young man what matters is to better the lives of everyone around.

Interestingly,  he looks at his contributions as investments in society and the economy. He want his money and resources to be used efficiently and in an organized-manner in order to promote self-sustaining change. Accordingly, he view issues through a business-lens, treating his philanthropic work with the same work ethic as he would do to his business. Just as he would  promote a business goal –  he capitalize on his resources, drawn upon his networks and use his  position in society to promote a cause. This made him  not to focus solely on contributing or make donations to individuals, but also to expand his support to for-profit business and legislative initiatives that will propel the cause forward. He act as a Catalyst fastening the development and progress of the his people but always sticking to his vision and standard.

S. U. G create an image as a highly competent, strong, disciplined, calm and decent individual. Who find that crucial balance between working on the image that he project to the rest of the world and his inner character. The resultant of this is creating  a sense of mystery about himself  as the truly wise never show their hand. He  think thrice before he speak because a word uttered can never be retrieved.

Also,  he speak only good things and people flock to him. He never speak ill of others and all  know him not to malign  behind others  backs. He build his character and live a highly principled life.

In sum,  philanthropist Saasha Uwua Gbuushi (S.U.G) an undisputed scholar,  a generational inspiring figure is enamored and engrossed with humility. He has done well for his people, but he felt unworthy of high  praises – to the young man,  all he do is to the Glory of his maker and humanity. This is commendable and  permit to suffice that,  he is worthy of emulation.  For our society to go further,  personalities of Saasha should be acknowledged and celebrated.

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