“It is failures like Ortom who employs horde of special assistants to defend his abysmal and colossal failures” – says Professor Pita Agbese

By: Akpensuen Festus / March 24th, 2022 / 18 views

A USA based Nigeria Professor Pita Agbese has  proven  to be a critics of the Ortom led administration.  The Benue born scholar on numerous occasions maintain the,  Ortom is a nightmare to the state.  He post on his Facebook timeline explaining why Governor Ortom has so many things special assistants.  He capture that..

“It is only a failure like Ortom who employs a horde of “special assistants to defend his abysmal and colossal failures. The irony is that if Ortom had employed those idle “special assistants” for productive purposes, Ortom would not have been such an atrocious failure. Successful governors let their good works speak for them. Failed governors like Ortom, on the other hand, employ “special assistants” to flap their gums in a quixotic attempt to defend them”.

He further that, ”interestingly, their stock-in-trade which consists of blatant lies, exaggerations, ad hominem attacks on critics, draws even more attention to the failures. For instance, when they crow over the resurfacing of a 3 kilometer stretch of street in Makurdi or the resurfacing of a 1.25 kilometer stretch of Ahmadu Bello Way, Gboko, projects that took 7 years, they vividly highlight Ortom’s gross deficiencies for the governorship. Successful governors are building intricate traffic interchanges and flyovers, Ortom can only boast of “flagging-off” roads of indeterminate length or resurfacing a few kilometers of Makurdi and Gboko streets. Even this shameful record is gleefully trumpeted as achievements by the “special assistants.” Terver Akase who is running to succeed Ortom as the governor, even described Ortom’s ongoing renovation of a small wing of the Makurdi Airport as a “great move.” No wonder, Ortom is such an abysmal failure”.

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