Fact about Nollywood Actress, Ariana Musa

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The Nollywood industry has play an important role of informing, educating, promoting peace, love, unity in diversity, as well as preserving and protecting Nigeria rich cultural heritage.
Also, the industry has made it easy for Africa traditional attires, and culture to be known and recognized globally, thereby making Africans to be proud of their historical roots and see the need to preserve their culture and pass it on to the next generations.

Permit to suffice that, the Nollywood industry is a sort of mirror that reflects the Pure and original state of an African Society; reflects the culture and tradition of the Blackman, Like a drum, it sounds the wonderful and amazing ancient deeds of the people in an ever fast changing world.
For some decades now, the creative industry has produced legends in the entertainment industry that globally recognized, interestingly in the last few years the industry has groom young talents and it has become a breed ground for talents. Among these talented and gifted ones is Ariana Musa.

Ariana desired and inspired by her passion to inject new ideas into the creative industry; coupled with her developed interest in the entertainment industry, she joined Nollywood in 2020.

She hails from Taraba state Sardauna Local Government Gumbe.  The beautiful lady attained  Taraba state Polytechnic Shunda institute of Management and technology where she studied Computer Science.

Ariana Musa is my name
I’m a Nigerian from Taraba state Sardauna Local Government Gembu

In December 8 2020,  Ariana begin her acting career and the  title of her first movie is Beyond betrayal an epic movie Directed by Daniel From soul impact production 2020.  Recently, she has been part  of the Movie RETURN IS POSSIBLE.

Some individuals are born with charisma that magnetizes people towards them. Their behavioural style excludes certain qualities that propel admirers around them. Ariana  Had these qualities and people locked around her in admiration.

The amazingly amazing Amazon of beauty  belongs to the league of determine people, her determination is easily identified by the seed he sow; visibly seen written on his forehead, action, and behaviour. The burning desire serves her as a driving force and she is unstoppable. Patience, courage, resilience and determination is in her  body system, indeed his environment feels it.

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