Breaking: Veteran Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike comments on BBNaija

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Popular Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike speaks about the biggest reality TV show on the African continent “BBNaija”.  While speaking to Premium Time in an interview,  the veteran actor Emeka said:

Please, tell me, which country in the world still holds ‘Big Brother’ aside from Nigeria? Now South Africa started the ‘Big Brother Africa’ show. For moral reasons, because of their youth, they shut it down. They were making money too, from it. We had ‘Big Brother Ghana’, it was shut down. ‘Big Brother Africa’ was shut down too.

“As a nation, we are not benefiting anything from ‘Big Brother Naija’; it is just an individual that gets N90m, N80m, or N100m. Now, why can’t our government act responsibly and do what they are supposed to have done? Like other reality shows, ‘Big Brother Naija’ is of no moral value for Nigerian youths. It teaches you how to be a snitch.

He continues,

“Now we are talking about morality; a married woman has gone to disgrace herself. If there is poverty anywhere, anything can happen. To recruit Boko-Haram youth is as easy as snapping your finger. The recruits know they are going to die anyway, so you can see that poverty is indeed a disease.

“So, placing an N100 million prize money on any girl that can go naked or have sex in public or national TV just shows us how damaged and immoral our society has become. Everybody is just thinking about how to survive and has thrown caution to the wind.

“I’m disappointed that the government in place is not seeing things from this angle. Look at a married woman in front of the whole of Nigeria, a married woman was called out, right in front of all of us. Does that make sense?

“What do you think will happen, would she kiss? Won’t she kiss? Would they make love? Won’t they make love? Walia! If you bring out N100 million, hundreds of Nigerian women would do all sorts of things.

“The Nigerian government has impoverished her citizens so they don’t even care about us, the youth. They only care only about the money they make from that BBNaija. I’m sure they are making huge money from it. They are running a banana republic where things don’t go right. I don’t expect any miracle. The entertainment industry is going through the same process that the country is experiencing.

“We don’t have leaders to adjust the industry, create enabling laws, and guide the industry to its proper financial boom. They are just willing to make small money from BBNaija and DSTV.

“What are our children learning, what are they learning from this show, please tell me?

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