[BREAKING] Benue Born Nollywood Superstar Prince Ape David has called actors from Benue State to support Engr. Ben Akaakar as Benue State Governor comes 2023

By: Akpensuen Festus / December 23rd, 2021 / 29 views

Popular Nollywood Actor Prince Ape David has called on his colleagues and the entire Benue people to support Engr.  Ben Akaakar who he described as a competent,  Visionary and determining man whose is engrossed and enamored with setting Benue State on the path of suitable development.

The Actor make this call briefly after he went into meditation,  according to him he has thought or reflect about the journey of Benue as a state since his creation.  Having looked how Benue is blessed with both capital and human resources to be the world tourist attractions,  and industrial hub but it potentials is yet to be harnessed.

And the only person who is ready and willing to take Benue State to the promising land is Engr. Ben Akaakar;  realizing and acknowledging how important and influential actors,  musicians and celebrities  in general are to the people, the actor called on his colleagues in the creative to support Engr. Ben Akaakar for a better Benue comes 2023.

Engr. Ben Akaakar is nickname as “Mr.  Possible” due to his  proven abilities to solve any problems and turn what many called impossible to possible.  With the future of Benue State is secured.

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