Princess Yaji – Crown by Nature

By: Akpensuen Festus / November 27th, 2021 / 21 views

Fresh Fish Festival is of the most recognized and prestigious festival in Tivland and Benue State. It aimed at projecting the culture of the Tiv Man to the world, uniting all the descendants of Tiv, and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Tiv nation.

It is a platform were intelligent, vibrant, promising and beautiful Tiv ladies do showcase their talents to the world.

Many are of the view that, this year FFF 2021 will be different from the previous ones. Then, what make this FFF season special? The answer to this question is not far fetch. The coming Yaji into the Race for the Face of Fresh Fish Festival makes it a special season.

She is an amazing Beauty, her skin radiate and shines like the stars, the sound of her voice is accompanying with milk and honey, words can’t describe the lovely nature of her finger nails. An epitome of Beauty.

An outstanding lady with great qualities and she have a good interpersonal relationship that magnate people to her. She is a comedian and an upcoming actress who dreamed to be an lionized television personality.

Princess Yaji is an intelligent and brilliant lady, well vest in Tiv history, tradition and culture,. She is endowed by birth and nature with qualities of a great leader, simple, humble, truthful, promising, Visionary and creativity.

The Princess is prepared, willing, and ready to inject new ideas into the leadership system, and shines beyond the boundaries of Benue, Nigeria and Africa continent.

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Akpensuen Festus Aondonenge is a visionary, hardworking, humble, and dynamic young lustrous writer. He hails from Mbanemen, Gaav Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State. Born on 14th July 2000. Festus is a researcher with much interests about History. He has to his credit many published books and articles (published online). The young man serve as the Media Aid to the chairman Association of Tiv Actors Nigeria, Gboko Branch and Treasurer Nollywood Producers and Marketers Benue State Chapter. Also he works with Iywanger TV as a Presenter, and Production Manager. He is also a scriptwriter and content creator.

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