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Nigeria Soul Writes to Nigerians by Akpensuen Festus Aondonenge

My name is Nigeria. I am one of the youngest nation in the world. I celebrated my 60 Birthday in 2020. Some months before my independence, I had waited so eagerly for that glorious day to come. When I was under the control of the colonial government, I hear and read a lot about nations that had gain their independence and are doing well. I no longer wanted to be  controlled by others.

For so long I can remember, I had always, hated to be controlled by foreigners. To me, it was stupid and inhuman. Benefits drawn as a result of the colonial administration never interested me. Instead, I found myself drawn in the struggle for my freedom. I feel more comfortable relating with other nations especially blacks who had gain their freedom.
Many thought it was because of my size. Others said I should not be decieved by my big size, that I am still a child, and I should enjoyed being a child controlled by adults. To this I counter that I was not a child, but trapped in what many could say, a body of a child. I am a nation with a long past dates back more than 2,000 years. The earliest archeological finds were of the Nok between 300 BC and 200 AD.

Finally the glorious day, arrived. I become an independent state. Architecture, Politics, Agriculture, Science, technology, and the host of others promised my children a bright future. The sounds of my victory was heard all over the earth and beyond. The greatest black nation has been set free. I was proud of myself.

I was given exclusive powers in defense, foreign relations, and commercial and fiscal policy. The monarch was still the head of state but legislative Power was vested in bicameral Parliament, judicial authority in a Federal Supreme Court.

My problem and pains begin when political parties tended to reflect the makeup of the three main ethnic groups. The Nigerian People’s Congress (NPC) represented conservative, Muslim, largely Hausa and Fuluni interest that dominated the Northern Region. The National Convention of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC) represents the interests of the Igbo – and Christian dominated people of the Eastern Region of Nigeria. The Action Group (AG) represented the interests of the Yoruba people of the West.

Due to several factors, I was not able to live in a civilian state and my courageous soldiers staged a coup and I was brought under military rule. As I was happy that better days are ahead. Under the military government the rights of my children were abused. Due to some factors, a day was turned to night as my street follows with my children blood. Other countries mocked me, I was ashamed of myself. My son Lt. Col. Emeka Ojukwu leader of the increasing Igbo secessionist sentiment declared the independence of the Eastern Region as the Republic of Biafra on May 30, 1967. The war ended, and I was happy. The smile on my face was seen visibly in the sky. For once again, my children has United. I learned a lot of lessons during and after the war.

From one Military regime to another, I returned to Democratic Rule in 1999 with General. Olusegun Obasanjo. My son Olusegun inherited a country suffering economic stagnation and deterioration of most Democratic institutions. He took over a country faced with many problems including, a dysfunctional bureaucracy, collapsed infrastructure, and a military that wanted a reward for returning quietly to the barracks. Somehow, my Son did an excellent job as a president and I am proud of him. He put smiles on my face once more. I can breath that the future was promising for my children.

From one Civilian Government to another, things were fast becoming  worst. The rate of unemployment, and hunger etc are alarming. Bribery and corruption has taken over. I no longer speak without corruption throwing it charm on my face.

I, a great nation that has produced the world best scholars, scientists, technologist, authors and entertainers etc.  Blessed with abundant and rich minerals resources still My children sleep with an empty stomach. No motorable road,  poor health facilities etc.

What wrong has my children done? Oh the blood of my children flows on the streets. Their cries are heard beyond the sky blues.

My children has become refugees in their own fatherland.  Was this the freedom I was happy that I won?.

Many of my children are unhappy with the current situation, some are already giving hope for better days. My great and courageous children INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFEA (IPOB) want to go and be of their own.

The Boko Harams are killing thousands.  The Herdsmen and Farmers killings is alarming as well but my children have faith in me.  In our history as a nation,  we have challenges but we went against all odds and stand as one family.

I am in pains and agony, the leaders has failed.  For peace to rein in Nigeria, let the President, Governors, traditional and religious leaders choose a day and declare it national  “FORGIVENESS DAY” let the leaders beg the masses that, they have failed, we have hurt you, we have not been nice to you, please let forgive ourselves and move on as a nation.

Let the traditional leaders beg as well for they too has failed. Let the Muslim, and Christian leaders hug each other and say “We have hurt each other, please we are sorry. Let bacon be bacon”.

My Soul will be happy and proud of my children.  In Love and unity we will build a better nation.  And like the Eagle we will soar above all.


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