Olajie Augustine Oko – Nollywood Generational Changing Star

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In the past decades, the Nigeria creative industry (Nollywood) has played an important role of informing, educating, inspiring, motivating as well as uniting and promoting peace, love, unity in diversity, and preserving Nigeria and to an extension Africa rich cultural heritage; be it their attires, deeds, language, tradition, and history. Today, the Nollywood industry is ranked one of the biggest and best in the world. The industry is very much known for  producing and polishing amazing indigenous talents, this is one of the principal reasons why a lot Nollywood stars has gain global recognization and awards.

To many the industry has taken a new steps to a greater height perhaps has worn a different outlooks with the discovery of New talents.

The industry has offered thousands both the upcoming and already established actors and filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their talents; thereby lifting the banner of their country (Nigeria) Up. The discovery of new and hidden talents has indeed ushered the industry into a new era, perhaps it has placed the industry on the map of the fast changing and advancing world. Among this lustrous talents is Olajie Augustine Oko a.k.a Sir Austin.

He hails from Ugboro village in Bekwarra Local Government Area, Cross River State. Sir Austin holds Bsc Political Science from Ebonyi State University.

The journey of Sir Austin into the Nollywood industry is an interesting one. He begins his acting career in 2005,  his first movie ever to act was  “THE JURY” released in the year 2005 featuring Olu Jacobs,Zack Orji,Benedict Johnson,Chika Anyanwu,Maureen Ihua and the host of others.

He left the industry and after ten (10) years he returned back with a new pattern of acting and the desire coupled with the determination and passion for the arts arguably paved his way to greatness.  He has acted movies like:

(14)DR ANANI etc…

They say, life can amaze you, for it can bring abrupt changes and turns. But life is just a joyful ride, For the one, who with experience learns. A dream, an ambition, it is all attainable, All you need to do, is believe. A hope, some faith will find its way, all you need is an eye, to perceive. Sir Austin has proven that everything is possible to achieve,  having realized  his dreams of being a Nollywood Star against all odds.  This worthy of emulation.

Sir Austin believes that Our lives have been described as a parenthesis in eternity. We are but a small blip on the stage of the Universe. As we can take nothing with us when we leave, then the real meaning of our existence must be to give and serve others. He is always ready to help and assist others.

Some individuals are born with charisma that magnetizes people towards them. Their behavioural style excludes certain qualities that propel admirers around them sir Austin  Had these qualities and people locked around her in admiration.

The lustrous,  audacious Nollywood star Austin Friendliness and sociability knew no bounds, he is lovely, humble, respectful, and above all a hardworking young man  that wake up to the challenges of her time whenever the need arose.

Interesting,  he incorporated an entertainment  company  “STINRYME ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED” he is the CEO and  Odion Innocent General Manager among others.

Permit to suffice that,  Olajie Augustine Oko is a Nollywood star that is making a difference,  a star we should watch out for.

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