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Women are considered most recently by some men as “Gold diggers” , sex tools as well as less humans. Who are naturally created to depend on men for survival, however in this write up we will discuss some reasons why women are stronger, brave, and far intelligent than men and should be treated like a Queen.

1. Unequivocally, it is against the law of nature to ask a weaker person to protect a stronger one. Man was created before a woman but why did God still create a woman? Obviously, God saw that the man He create was imply too weak to be alone; therefore there was need to create a super human – a stronger person (woman) to protect man.

2. A home is actually where children are born and raised, meals are prepared and eaten, houses are kept in a clean and conducive living environment and women are the ones who have the strength to do all these. This pontificate why you have ‘motherless babies home’ not ‘fatherless babies homes’.

3. God was thinking of a stronger being, someone who was strong enough to hold a baby in her womb for nine months without shaking, when God instructed man to produce and fill the earth- God was thinking of a woman.

4. Looking at the story of Samson and Delilah, Samson was a man that had killed lions and destroyed thousands of brave men with his bare hands. He remained undefeated until he met a stronger opponent – a woman called Delilah. This woman not only defeated Samson, she also plucked out his eyes, and bounded him. Is this not clearly a case of a woman being stronger than a man?

5. Women have demonstrated that they are morally stronger than men. Generally, men in this country (Nigeria) have persistently failed to resist the temptation of bribery and corruption; women like Professor Dora Akunyili of NAFDAC and Mrs. Farida Wazari of EFCC have transparently demonstrated that it is only women that are strong enough to resist the temptation of bribery and corruption. It is the strength of theirs that has enabled them to carry out their duties honestly and transparently, thereby earning themselves and their country a good name.

Recently, many believes that women are sex tools, who are after money. This belief denied men the opportunity of appreciating the super human-woman.

Every woman is a jewel, unique, beautiful, lovely, caring and understanding. Instead of seeing women as “gold diggers” and ‘sex tools’ appreciate the woman in her, bring out the hidden treasure in her, cherished and adore her – treat her like a Queen she is. Learn how to celebrate love “the celebration of love cannot be estimated as it quenches many instances of grief and pains”

Every woman is a star!

Salutation to the super human – woman!!!

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