Meet Young Nollywood Filmmaker – Obed Emmanuel

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Studies reveal that, developing a dynamic and charismatic personality is what every human has the potentials to developed but only few persons cares to develop these interesting components; these few persons rose above their physical problems, and life challenges in general to be the most charismatic and exciting figures in the society. Most often their deeds and characters are passed on to generations; they are lonized and their sounds are heard. This definitiate perhaps shows clearly the difference between champions, heroes and legends; Obed Emmanuel developed these potentials – hardworking, visionary, humble, respectful, creative and ambitious.
Obed Emmanuel, is a fast rising young filmmaker in Abuja who studied Economics and English. Enamored and engrossed with filmmaking begin his journey into the Nigeria creative industry first as stage drama. However, in 2018, Emmanuel ventured into Nollywood fully.

The lustrous young man is a multi talented Television personality – actor, Producer, scriptwriter and Director. Some of his works includes DINNER WITH THE GODS, UNLIMITED GRACE, BROKEN for BEAUTY, THE IMPOSSIBLE, ENDTIME ASSIGNMENT, UNSTOPPABLE, and SAVING MYSELF to mention but a few.

The pugnacious and audacious filmmaker hails from Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi State. Obed is the CEO of Team Movie Production.
Obed has a lull, lucid, magnetic personality as well as some admirable qualities – honesty, hardworking, humble, respectful, visionary and promising. Unequivocally, with these qualities the young man will accelerate in the creative industry in the near future.

Permit to suffice that, the likes of Obed Emmanuel are the future of the Nigeria creative industry, they will take the industry to a greater height in the near future. He is a filmmaker the society should watchout for

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