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The nollywood industry has play an important role of informing, educating, promoting peace, love, unity in diversity, as well as preserving and projecting Nigeria rich cultural heritage.

Also, the industry has made it easy for Africa traditional attires, and culture to be known and recognized globally, thereby making Africans to be proud of their historical roots and see the need to preserve their culture and pass it on to the next generations.

Permit to suffice that, the Nollywood industry is a sort of mirror that reflects the Pure and original state of an African Society; reflects the culture and tradition of the Blackman, Like a drum, it sounds the wonderful and amazing ancient deeds of the people in an ever fast changing world.

For some decades now, the creative industry has produced legends in the entertainment industry that are globally recognized, interestingly in the last few years the industry has groom young talents and it has become a breed ground for talents.

Undoubtedly, new talents are been discovered on daily basis. Many had make use of the opportunity provided by the industry among such is a talented, determine and visionary filmmaker Vivian Ukwueze. She hails from Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State.

She attained the prestigious Enugu State Science and Technology University where she studied Guidance and counselling.

Vivian desired and inspired by her passion to inject new ideas into the creative industry; coupled with her developed interest in the entertainment industry, she joined Nollywood and her first movie to act was titled “SLEEPING WITH MY ENEMY” produced and Directed by Deborah Davis. Since then she acted other movies like Rampage,  Ruthless etc and recently she is involved in Series like Tenant.

Beautiful Vivian is a multi – talented personality – actor, Producer and Director. Going into film directing with a belief that is fuel by the saying “it takes only a spark to light up the forest” she act as a Catalyst. Shunning mediocrity, and doing excellent things. Creating something out of nothing and believing in the unseen.  Some of the movies she directed are,  Rampage,  Ruthless,  Heart Tricks to mention but a few.

Even when it seems tough, she always  see beyond the impossible always saying to herself it is possible. She is the founder and CEO of VAU TV, the aim of VAU TV is actualizing the dreams of up and coming Actors and Actresses who are willing to learn, progress and be a better vision of themselves in the industry.

The mission of VAU Production is to discover surreptitious talents, nurture the amateurs, finding their strength and weakness. Produce award winning Actors and Actresses. VAU Productions helps you to grow your confidence and the ability to address a million crowd. As well as the vision of VAU production Intriguing and amazing contents, talk shows, VAU shows, road street talk, everything that has to do with entertianment most especially the acting aspect. VAU is here to tell a story by visualizing it on paper down to the screen.

In the near future VAU production would be a channel in one of the biggest cables in Nigeria.

Vivian Ukwueze a lady with so many admirable qualities, focus, visionary, humble, respectful, truthful, sincere, honest, and promising.

Indeed, Vivian Ukwueze is a star the society should watchout for… She has a lot to offer.







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