The Legend – Arch Bishop Prof Sam Zuga

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Developing a dynamic, charismatic personality is what each one of us have the potential to develop but few do. Those few that developed these interesting potential rose above their physical problems and life challenges in general, to be the most charismatic and exciting figures in the society; they are lonized most often their deeds are heard and passed out to generation to generation, which obviously differentiate the difference between champions, heroes, history makers, and legends.


His Excellency, Arch Bishop Prof. Sam Zuga has developed interesting characters which made him outstanding,  and a leading figure – humble,  respectful,  visionary,  creative and caring.

Arch Bishop Sam Zuga is a Dubai based Nigerian humanitarian icon, philanthropist, and a business tycoon. He is the founder of the first indigenous crypto currency in equity and investment fund called ZUGACOIN.

A global Gospel Evangelist, Pan African Financial and peace Revolution Ambassador. The first indigenous social Media platform known as SamzugaNet is founded by him as well as Zuga Chat that work exactly like Whatapp but with a better features.

The great man is the General Overseer of House of Joy Ministry based in Gboko – Benue State, with over 200 branches.

Interestingly, he also the General Overseer of Samzuga Hope Alive Center, Dubai. Recipient of five different Doctorate Degree awards from different countries including, USA and Israel. A proud member of Dubai Chamber of Commerce, London Institute of Management.

A notable scholar once captured that, patriotism to one’s country is expressed in different forms by different persons. Some sacrifice their lives to save their country from eminent collapse, while others contribute their quarter to the last atom of their energy for the development and growth of their motherland. They are proud of doing it as they take upon themselves as a duty they have to offer to the nation Prof. Zuga
belonged to the last group. Former gubernatorial candidate.  He always stand for truth, justice, good governance, and equality. He hails from Tiv,  Benue State.

Studies reveal that, to receive praise for a real acompliments engenders – self confidence in one, Arch Bishop Prof. Sam Zuga enamored and engrossed with humility and Christ always uneasy with the encomium expressed by people. Prof. Zuga felt unworthy of such high praises; he entreated that he is nothing but a mortal whom the Lord has been blessed and favoured as well as called to serve in the  vein – yard of God and him alone be the Glory, but the Prof is never abashed by his open admiration. He hate all forms of bigotry.

Some individuals are born with charisma that magnetizes people towards them. Their behavioural style excludes certain qualities that propel admirers around them,  Arch Bishop Sam Zuga  had these qualities and people looked around him in admiration.

The accretion of wealth marked the rise to power which many rich people abuse, to the man of God wealth is to be used to better the lives of others – this worth of praise. He recently been given  an award by British Council in collaboration United Nations Humanitarian Arm as Ambassador for Peace Worldwide.  The award comes with ten (10) years United Kingdom Visa.

Prof. Sam Zuga friendliness and sociability knew no bounds, he very lovely,  caring and straightforward man,  who wake up to the challenges of his time whenever the need arose.

Permit to suffice that, Arch Bishop Prof. Sam Zuga act as a Catalyst – fastening the development of Africa continent and the world at large but remaining unchanged, always sticking to his standard, Not convince by what he hears but that which he believes – Arch Bishop Prof. Sam Zuga is a generational changing legend, a true son of Africa.

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