Meet honest Nigerian engineer that returned large sum of Money

Man Hails Honest Engineer Who Returned Money He Was Given For AC Repairs

A Nigerian Engineer is being applauded on social media for carrying out his job with so much honesty.

A Nigerian man shared his experience with the Nigerian engineer on his Facebook page. The man whose name is Samson Oyenekan praised his AC/Refrigerator engineer, Abdullahi.

Abdullahi who was asked to fix the problem with the AC, was given a large some of money to repair the appliance.

But surprisingly, Abdullahi returned with the AC and also with the huge amount of money given to him by Samson Oyenekan and revealed that the fault was only a minor one which didn’t require much money to fix.

Abdullahi’s honesty was a rare one and it’s hard to see people like this young engineer in this country.

This touched Mr. Samson, he took to his Facebook page and shared a message with the engineer’s photo;

Meet honest Nigerian engineer that returned large sum of Money

This is ABDULLAHI, He’s an AC/FRIDGE Engineer! I gave him 12K to buy COMPRESSOR and fix in my AC, He took the AC for repair, fixed it, returned it with my 12K and told me that the compressor was okay, but just a minor relay problem which he said was 500 naira.
ABDULLAHI could’ve told me he had bought the compressor, I won’t know. And the truth be say, even if na me, I for fall yakata for dis kain temptation.
With people like ABDULLAHI, I believe there’s indeed hope for a NEW NIGERIA.
This is his phone number 08162978209, please patronise him. When you call him, tell him Samson gave you his number….Thanks FAM!

Abdullahi is a honest Nigerian engineer who returned large some of money






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