“Education is not a priority to FG” – ASUU

By: / Nov 11, 2020
Asuu Fg

Asuu Fg

The Academic Staff Union of Universities has revealed that the Federal Government doesn't value education in the country which is why they don't place any priority on the educational system. This is the reason for the ongoing strike that has refused to come to an end despite series of negotiations over the months.

The union wants FG to meet their workers demands. Asuu chairman also stressed that the federal government's focus has been on the salaries of the lecturers but neglecting the major needs of the universities which include funding, autonomy, and restructuring of the environment for effective learning and work.

“Do we still have public primary schools? Do we still have public secondary schools? Let us acknowledge what ASUU has brought to the system.

“But for ASUU, public universities would have collapsed totally. The government does take education as a priority.

“We have schools without seats, we have laboratories without equipment and some use kerosene stoves as Bunsen burners.

“We need our universities to grow this country; we need our universities to innovate and develop this country.

“So funding the university system is not a waste, but an investment,” Ogunyemi said.


The ASUU chairman also addressed the question pertaining to students staying at home for over eight months. In his response;

“Each time people talk about this problem (strikes) as being there for long, they don’t also appreciate the solutions we have brought to the system.

“We have kept the system going. But for ASUU interventions, we would no longer have public universities today.

“Parents and students should understand that we want to bring the universities to the level where they would be proud of their certificates.”

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