Covid-19 Food Items Found In Oba of Lagos Ware House

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Covid 19 food items hijacked by one man

There has been a recent development in Lagos state. It was earlier reported that angry youths stormed into the house of Oba of Lagos, they made away with his staff of office.

Right now we just discovered something more shocking, food items meant for the people was hijacked by one man. During the outbreak of Covid 19 Lagos state had closed down all schools, churches, mosques, businesses and many organizations.

During that period people complained of hunger, some that live only by daily work had no means to cater for their family. So much hardship that period. So the Lagos state government released food items (Bags of rice, Indomie noodles, Salt, etc) to be shared house to house.

It's a shock to discover that the people were only given peanuts. The Oba of Lagos is reported to have three warehouses which is stocked up with Covid 19 palliatives (food stuffs). Even the items has tags on it (NOT FOR SALE)

Food meant for the state, that will be enough for two local government's in the state was diverted by one man. A young man interviewer said they've been there since 5am in the morning, yet food stuffs hasn't finished. According to him there is enough for everybody.

Covid 19 food items hijacked by one man


Food meant for Lagos state found in house of Oba of Lagos


Covid 19 palliative hijacked by Oba of lagos


Palliative hijacked by Lagos state


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