Two Ebonyi Task Force Arrested For Harrasing a Keke Rider


Two Ebonyi Task Force Arrested For Harrasing a Keke Rider.

As reported this morning, tow ebonyi task force officers arrested for brutalizing a Tricycle (Keke) Rider known as Mike Obasi.

Mike Obasi was first assulted at Margaret Umahi International Market for wrong parking by one of the suspect identified as 2face, he offered N300 to the suspect who though demanded for N1000.

After picking another female passenger who was heading to motherless babies home as reported, he was stopped by another task force officials who accused him of parking wrongly again.

Explaining how he was beating by three men who came out from a white hummer bus, Mike who now urinates through a pipe as a result of the attack said:

“My name is Mike Obasi from Ogboji Community in Ishielu LGA, Ebonyi State, I am a father of five kids.

“I entered the international market with my tricycle to derop a passenger and suddenly a white hummer bus double crossed me and three passengers jumped down demanding N1000 for parking wrongly. As i was begging them with N300, they pushed me out of my Keke and started beating me, i dont know what they hit me on my back and i fell down.

“Later i saw myself in the hospital with same people who attacked me in the market, claiming to be the ones who rescued me. One of them offered me N5000 to leave the hospital but i was unable to move my body”.

However, Ebonyi state spokesperson, DSP Loveth Odah confirmed the arrest of two of the suspect linked to the attack, she accused them of taking laws into their hands.


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