Top ten (10) Best Music Producers of All Time

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Top ten (10) Best Music Producers of All Time

Rick Rubin, Dr Dre, George Martin, Philip Spector, Quincy Jones, J Dilla, Martin Hannett, Briano Eno, Sam Philips, Berry Gordy.

Most record labels and musical artists gets good credits for almost all their release and it is good we know that the Secret behind this credits are the music producers, we have decided to list out the Top ten (10) best music producers of all time.

Here are the list of Top ten (10) best music producers of all time.


1. Rick Rubin


Rick Rubin


Fredrick Jay Popularly known as "Rick Rubin" born on 10 March, 1963 (57 years) is an American record producers and the former co- president of Columbia records.

Allong with simmons, Rick Rubin is also the co founder of Def Jam Records who also established American recordings.

He helped popularise hip-hop in the 1980s and also worked with some artists such as Run DMC, the Bestie Boys and public enemy.

His ability to think outside the box has seen him produced for some biggest names in music such as Tom Petty, Metallica, Kayne West and Dixie Chiks.

His impact on music was so much that in 2007 he was listed in a poll by time magazine as one of the most influential 100 people in the whole world.


2. Dr Dre


Dr Dre Photo


Andre Romelle Young born on 18 February, 1965 (55 years), Popularly and professionally known as "Dr Dre" is an American rapper, record producer, audio engineer, record executive producer and an actor.

He is the founder and CEO of Aftermath entertainment and Beat electronics and was previously the co-owner of Death Row Records.

Dr Dre is one of the selected few figurs within music who is renowned his career as an artist as he is for his work as a producer.

His early jobs with N.W.A and Solo raps made him one of the most seminal musicians in the last 30 years.

Dr Dre is not just a record producer and an artist, he is also the founder and current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment - the record label which made the way for Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 50 cent and many others.


3. George Martin


George Martin


Sir George Henry Martin, born on 3rd January, 1926 and died on 8 March, 2016, was an English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio engineer and musician.

He was referred to as the "Fifth Beatle" in reference to his extensive involevment on each of the Beatles' original album.

George Martin is considered by many to be the greatest producer of all time. Fiftingly labelled "the fifth Beatles, he masterminded the fab Four's rise to global stadorm producing such iconic album as Rubber soul, Revolver and St. Peppers Lonely Hearts club Band (all of these 3 made the op 5 rolling stones Top 500 Album of all time), He was actually underwhelmed by the beatles when they first audiotion him.

Apart form his works, he also produced for artists like Chip Trick and Jeff Beck, unfortunately he passed away in March, 2016. May his soul rest in peace as his legacy will continue to live in long memory.


4. Phil Spector


Phil Spector


Harvey Philip Spector, Born on 26 December, 1939 (80 Years) is a record producer, musician and song writer who developed a wall of sound, a music production formula he described as a Wagnerian aproach to rock and roll.

If bringing new ideas to musci production is the credit score for a good music producer, then Philip Spector fits the mould. He developed the wall sound production formula which involves the combination of instruments, overdubbing and laying of tracks to enrich a song.

He brough this technique to life in records such as "The Long and Winding Road" by The Beatles and "Be My Baby" by The Ronettes. His creative works earn him an induction into the Rock and Roll hall fame in 1989.

Recently, Philip Spector has been the headlines for all the wrong reasons, he was found guilty in 2009 of murdering the actress "Lana Clackson" at his Los Angeles home and sentenced to 19 years to life in prison.

Because of Philip Spector's good works and talent in music, he is still tending on all Top ten(10) best music producers of all time.


5. Quincy Jones


Quincy Jones


Quincy Delight Jones, born on 14 March, 1933 (87 years) is an American record producer, multi instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, arranger, film and television producer.

His career span over 60 years in the entertainment industry with a record of 80 Grammy award nominations, 28 Grammy and Legend award in 1992.

He has produced Michael Jackson's album such as "Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad - No Big Deal.

Proving that he is a jack of all trades when it comes to muscal production, Quicy Jones has also produced scores for films like "Banning, In cold Blood and The Italian Jobs". His works on Banning saw him become the joint first African-American to be nominated for an academy award for best original song along with his song writer partner "Bob Rusell".


6. J Dilla


J Dilla


James Dewitt Yancey popularly known as "J Dilla" born on 7 February, 1974 and died on 6 February, 2006 is an American record producer and rapper who emerged in the mids 1990s underground hip hop scene in detroit, Michigan, as one third of the aclaimed music group slum village.

J Dilla made huge wave in hip hop during his short life, he was a tallented producer who produced for the likes of A Tribe, called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhmes and Common. 

J Dilla releases his final album three days before his death from a cardiac arrest in 2006, this album titled "Donuts" is still louded as hip hop master piece to this day.


7. Martin Hannett


Martin Hannett

James Martin Hannett initially known also known as "Martin Zero", born on 31 May, 1948 and died on 18 April, 1991 was an English record producer and an original partner/director at "Tony Wilson" Factory records.

During his career, he produced album for Joy Division, Happy Monday, New Order and John Corper Clarke among others. 

Due to his good works, it is believed that without Martin Hannett capabilities as a music producer, Joy Division would have been another late 70's post-punk band. Hannett use of incoporated looping technology and drum sound mixed with synthesizers gave Joy Division's songs their now infamous dark undertones.

Hannett died in the year 1991 of heart faliure, on his head stone in Manchester Southern Cemetry, he is fiftingly dubbed record producer and creator of the Machester Sound. May his soul rest in peace.


8. Brian Eno



Brian Eno with full name "Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Sella Eno RDI, born on 15 May, 1948 (72 years) is an English musician, record producer, visual artist and theorist best known for his pioneering work in ambient music and contribution to rock, pop and electronica.

His shot to fame as one of the founding member of glam rock group Roxy Music, and went on to have a distinguished solo career which is the minimalistic Music for Airports bieng one of his most famous work so far. 

He is also best known for his innovative recording techniques as music a producer which is alos seen as one of the founding member of Progressive Rock Music.

Brian Eno has produced songs for artists like David Bowie, David Byrne, U2 and Coldplay. As recently surveyed by online database Allmusic, he was ranked as one of the world's top 25 most influecial musicians whose workds has influenced the massive turned up of other artist.


9. Sam Philips



Sam Philips, with full name "Samuel Cornelius Philips,  the engineer behind the Rock and Roll genre of music, born on 5 January, 1923 and died on 30 July, 2003 was an American record producer who played an important role in the development of rock and roll in the 1950s.

He opened studio in Memphis, Tennesse in 1950, he would'nt have forseeng the integral role it would play in redefining contemporary music in years to come.

He also discovered and developed many country and blues musicians from his studio "Sun Records"  which was the first company to record Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Recognizing Philip's contribution to music, he has been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, the Rockabilly hall of fame and has also received Grammy Trustees Award. May his soul rest in peace.


10. Berry Gordy



Berry Gordy III born on 28 November 1929 (90 years) is an American record producer, record executive, song writer, philm producer and television producer. 

He is best known as the founder of Motown Record Label and it susbsidiaries which was the highest earing African American business for decades.

Talking about Berry Gordy's achievment as a music producer, his record label is more comonly referred to as a genre than a business. More like sam philips who could't have imagined in his dream what laye ahead when he founded Motown in Detroit in 1959.

He came out with a type of sound known as "Talma Sound" which is a type of soul with distinct influence that became synonymous with the biggest African American names in music. 

Between 1961 and 1971, artists on Gordy's record label include The Supreme, the Four Tops, Steven Wonder and Marvin Gaye.


So what can you say about our Top ten (10) Best music producers of all time?



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