I am Not Guilty - Woodberry Pleads Over Fraud Charges

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woodberry pleads over fraud charges


I am Not Guilty - Woodberry pleads Over Fraud Charges

Mr Olalekan Ponle popularly known as woodberry currently facing charges bordering on wire fraud conspiracy after he was arrested in the United Arab Emirates on 10th June and was transfered to the U.S on 2nd July.

Woodberry was accused of tricking the U.S company into sending wire transfer worth millions of dollars.

The companies location are as follows: Lowa, Kansas, Michigan, New York and California where all victim of the fraudlent act as reported by procecutors.

The charges against woodberry though has been dismissed but the grand jury indictment which put together all his offences into eight count charges is still very active.

As reported on Sartuday, the defendant appeard in court acknowledging the reciept of the indictment and entered a plea of not guilty to each of those count.

"Defendant appears in respect to his arrest on 7/2/2020. Attorney, Michael, Nash appears on behalf of the defendant. Defendant informed of the charges against him as well as of the possible sentence fine if convicted of those charges."

"Arraignment proceedings held, the defendant acknowledges receipts of the indictment, waives formal readings and enters a plea of not guilty to each of the count of which he is named," this was read by the document obtained by Premium Times.

Well, to know if the case is set for trial, Join them in court on 8 August.

As it stands, Woodberry remain in the custody of the United States Marshals service unless the court oders otherwise.

If truely found guilty of the charges, he may spend the next 20 years in prison.


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