Wear face mask during sex, expert reveals.

Wear face mask during sex – Couples have been adviced to wear face mask during sex in other to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID19).

Since the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID19) in the world, so many people have been finding it difficult to take preventive measures in order to combat the spread of the virus. Couples stay at home avoiding crowdy environment as suggested by health practitioners but still making mistakes in their home.

Coronavirus can also be contacted through body fluids exchange by couples during sexual intercourse! Taking the following preventive measures which is washing of hands with soap, using hand sanitizer, wearing gloves, avoid hand shakes, covering your mouth and nose when sneazzing and wearing face mask, read another simple preventive measures below to avoid simple mistakes:

Apart from wearing face mask during sex, in a recent study titled SEX HEALTH in the SARS-Cov-2 Era at Harvard University, its also recommended that, showering before and after sex, avoiding oral sex to prevent exchange of body fluids, and cleaning up the sex area with wipe before and after sex can help prevent this deadly disease.

It was also stated that people should try and reduce the number of sexual partners and also avoid having sex with people showing symptoms like Fever, cough, fatigue, and lost of taste or can’t smell.

According to the report, abstaining from sex, masturbating, using of sex toys are at lower risk of contacting the virus (COVID19).

The report above didn’t advice masturbation either because it’s also a bad act, abstaining from sex and reducing sex partners is the best option. 

Try as much as possible to take all the preventive measures appropriately and also seek medical attention when ever you notice any unusual symptoms. Use Google Search to get more preventive measures. 

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