More covid19 Deaths May be Recorded in the next 3 weeks.

By: / Jun 22, 2020



Plenty coronavirus Death May be Recorded in the next 3 weeks - Federal Government Warns! 

Presidential task force on coronavirus reveal that things might get worse as more cases may be recorded in the coming weeks. 

On a public interview with press men, Boss Mustapha, secretary to the federation and chairman of the presidential task force on coronavirus made this known as virus tends to take over the country. 

It was also revealed by that the fight against coronavirus got pricked as NCDC announce 661 new cases of coronavirus in 14 states. 

Nigeria's coronavirus cases has just hit 19,808 In total with 6,718 recoveries and 506 death.

 The PTF Chairman however warned seriously about the inevitable ahead saying that the entire country might get into panic mood soon. 

Read his speech below :

"The figure you see now are a reflection of the testing capacity of the country, we have ramped up testing, he added. From just about two centers we now have over 30 and so the results are the figures you see now, the outcome of which will be an increase in the number of casualties in the next three weeks when there will start manifesting".

"They will be pandemonium and we might get into a panic mode too. Sadly, we're still in the first wave and the figure will not abate, because the attitude of a majority of the people do not suggest that we want the figure abate," Mustapha Said. 

The SSG also urges Nigerians to help the FG efforts in fighting against COVID19 pandemic. 


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